Live Diamonds

Small batch specialty product made from the highest quality fresh frozen flowers, made of monocrystalline THCA structures swimming in low viscosity terpenes.

Live Badder

A delicious and beautiful homogenized mixture of THCA/cannabinoids & terpenes made from freshly frozen live flowers. This product gives you a hugely consistent and flavorful dab every time.

Live Resin

Made from the highest quality fresh frozen flower, Live Resin focuses on terpene retention showcasing a mouthwatering sugar crystal consistency swimming in tasty liquid terpenes.

Cured Resin

Made from cured flower or trim, Cured Resin takes on a similar consistency as Live Resin with a granular & sugar like form.


Usually made from cured trim, Shatter is dewaxed during extraction, then is thin film purged in a vacuum oven to give it a stable glass like consistency that is easy to dab.

Live Resin Cartridge

Made from high quality fresh frozen flower, this product is extracted like our live resin, then goes through a detailed process that allows us to delicately decarb the THCA converting over to delta 9 THC while also preserving the terpenes. This provides maximum potency & flavor.

Cured Resin Cartridge

Made from cured flower or trim, this product is extracted and decarbed like our Live Resin Carts. It provides an economical option for consumers that replaces distillate with superior strain specific terpene profiles & high potency.

Full Spectrum Hash Rosin

This product is our most potent form of rosin that encompasses all the keepable microns in the process, usually 70u – 140u. The rosin is then cold cured for two weeks & lightly whipped to give it a terpene rich consistency that stays wet & homogenized.

90u/120u Hash Rosin

This is a specialty product that separates the 90 – 120 microns for collection. These microns are typically the highest quality of the trichome heads and provide a more flavorful & terpene rich experience.

Live Hash Rosin Cartridges

This product is produced with our full spectrum Live Rosin using a slow decarbing method for terpene preservation. We then fill our cartridges with the Solventless Live Rosin for a vaping experience like no other. Live Rosin Carts provide a flavorful taste & potent effect that has 100% purity.

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