Exotic Genetix

Exotic Mike, the founder of Exotic Genetix, is a cannabis breeder responsible for some of the most renowned genetics in cannabis. Exotic Genetix, located out of Washington, is a seed company that specializes in breeding award-winning cannabis and throughout the years has managed to win over one hundred awards.

Canapa Valley Farms is the only cultivator in Michigan with direct access to cuts of unreleased Exotic Genetix strains.

Canapa Valley Farms is one of six companies in the nation to have a partnership with Exotic Genetix. This allows us the ability to choose and grow strains from Exotic Genetix that have not even been released yet to the public. That means your store can have strains that no one else in the market has smoked yet.

We are able to transfer flower directly from our cultivation building to extraction just by walking it over, allowing the Nine8Nine team to make the freshest carts and concentrates using Exotic Genetix strains grown right next door.

Each Exotic Genetix strain has its own specific strain art. You will be able to find the art on the front each 1/8th package and on the Metrc sticker of each Nine8Nine product. Each Nine8Nine x Exotic Genetix product will also have a holographic sticker of the Exotic Genetix logo, which certifies its authenticity.

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