Craft Small Batch

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989 Extracts is dedicated to creating terpene-rich, high-potency concentrates for cannabis connoisseurs.

Craft Small Batch


All our Hydrocarbon Extracted products are run in small batch quantities at a temperature of -85C. This allows us to focus on quality & terpene preservation at all times. This extraction temperature creates a natural dewaxing process that eliminates unwanted fats, lipids, waxes, cutins, and chlorophyll. The focus on terpene retention allows us to preserve all non-cannabinoid medicinal properties of the plant, like flavonoids & antioxidants.


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Craft Small Batch


All our solventless products are made with only the finest fresh frozen flowers. We use mechanical separation with water & ice to collect the trichome heads in bubble bags that are separated by micron size. The product then goes through a freeze-drying process which removes all the moisture while still preserving the terpenes. The bubble hash is then sifted & put into 25-micron bags to undergo a process that combines heat & pressure to produce our final product, Live Rosin.

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